sparkling wines quantity*
Sinefinis Rebolium brut 18 €
Sinefinis Rosé brut 22 €
classic wines
Ribolla Gialla white 10 €
Pinot Grigio white 10 €
Merlot merlot 10 €
Cabernet Sauvignon red 10 €
Ribolla Gialla Época white 17 €
Pinot Grigio Época white 17 €
Red Época red 22 €
Ribolla Gialla Brutus white 39 €
Red Brutus red 49 €
gift box
Wooden box (0,75l in 1,5l) 5,5 €
Wooden box (3l) 8,5 €
Cardboard gift box 1,6 €
Wooden crate for 6 bottles (0,75l) 8,5 €
Wooden box magnum (3 pc) 8,5 €
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