The Brda region is our home, our motive and our inspiration.
The Brda region is our home, our motive and our inspiration.

You will find Ferdinand wines in the unique Brda region, nestled between the Adriatic sea, the European Alps and the Italian Friuli,
where rolling hills are warmed by the Mediterranean sun during the day and cooled by Alpine breezes at night.  


The Ferdinand vineyards are located
in a stunning natural environment.
The marl Brda soil – “opoka”  –  provides full-bodied, mineral wines.
Using sensitive cellar technology we do our very best to preserve these
unique natural conditions in our wines.

Near the pretty village of Kojsko, where the Brda hills roll into the Slovenian Alps,
you will find our vines growing on breathtakingly steep slopes with an eastern and southern view.

Our vineyards are between 150 and 300 m above sea level and benefit from extreme
temperature changes between night and day. Combining a perfect altitude with the special
position of the vineyards, we can produce harmonious, typical and pleasantly fresh wines. 

The marl soil doesn't allow for high yields and so our wines are full and suitable for longer
storage and ageing.

Organic production
Organic production

Our wine-yards are permanently green, which prevents erosion. Yields per hectare are lower
than average. Our mini region is so well ventilated by the Alpine and Mediterranean winds, which
can quickly dry the vines after rain. Disease is less likely to occur here, which allows us to work organically.  

We only use natural seaweed products for protection against pests and diseases.
The roots of a 30-40 yr old wines are arborescent and very deep, allowing the grapes
to survive dry, as well as wet years. 

The Terroir does not allow a lot of machine work. The majority of work is done manually,
which allows much better monitoring and quality control for the grape development. We never
cut corners during vinification. The grapes are gently pressed and  all processes run naturally
to preserve the natural properties of the terrain in the wine.